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How do people do it?  How can you multiply by 25 or multiply by 3367 in your head?  Here is the answer!!!!

Below you will find a list of PDF files that can help you with all of your mental math needs.  Refer to this site regularly for updates and additional files!!!  If you want to search the files through html, click on the corresponding link!

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(*Currently 192 PDF Files*)

Basic Memorization....For ALL
Cubes and Higher Powers  (html) Fractions, Decimals, and Percents  (html)
Square Numbers  (html) Order Of Operations  (html)
Prime Numbers  (html) Roman Numerals  (html)
Divisibility Rules  (html) Basic Conversions  (html)
For The Elementary Level Students
FOIL Method  (html) Double And Half Method  (html)
Squaring A 2-Digit Number  (html) Squaring A Number Ending In 5  (html)
Squaring A Number From 40-49  (html) Squaring A Number From 50-59  (html)
Squaring A Number From 90-99  (html) Multiplying 2 Numbers Whose 1's Digits Add To 10  (html)
Multiply Numbers Less Than 100  (html) Multiply Numbers Greater Than 100  (html)
Multiplying Numbers In The Form: ab + bc  (html) Multiplying By 5  (html)
Multiplying By 11  (html) Multiplying By 25  (html)
Multiplying By 50  (html) Multiplying By 101  (html)
Adding And Subtracting Fractions  (html) Comparing Fractions  (html)
Multiplying Mixed Numbers (#1)  (html) Adding Sequences In The Form: 1+2+...+n  (html)
Adding Sequences In The Form: 1+3+...+2n-1  (html) Percents  (html)
GCD  (html) LCM  (html)
Definitions  (html) Ratios  (html)
Square Roots  (html) Subtracting Reverses  (html)
Approximating Series  (html)
For The Junior High Or Middle School Student
Squaring A Number Ending In 6  (html) Squaring A Number Ending In 7  (html)
Squaring A Number Ending In 8  (html) Squaring A Number Ending In 9  (html)
Difference Of 2 Squares  (html) Multiplying 2 Numbers Ending In 5  (html)
Multiplying 2 Numbers Whose 10's Digits Add To 10  (html) Adding Squared Numbers In The Form: a2+(2a)2  (html)
Adding Squared Numbers In The Form: a2+(3a)2  (html) Adding Squared Numbers In The Form: a2+(7a)2  (html)
Adding Squared Numbers In The Form: a2+(10a)2  (html) Multiplying Numbers Less Than 1000  (html)
Multiplying Numbers Greater Than 1000  (html) Multiplying 4 Consecutive Integers  (html)
Multiplying By 12-19  (html) Multiplying By 15  (html)
Multiplying By 75  (html) Multiplying By 111  (html)
Multiplying By 125  (html) Multiplying By 143  (html)
Multiplying By 167  (html) Multiplying By 375  (html)
Multiplying By 625  (html) Multiplying By 875  (html)
Multiplying By 1001  (html) Multiplying By 1111  (html)
Adding a/b + b/a  (html) Multiplying a x a/b  (html)
Multiplying Mixed Numbers (#2)  (html) Adding 3 Fractions (#1)  (html)
Adding 3 Fractions (#2)  (html) Subtracting 3 Fractions  (html)
Calculating Fractions (#1)  (html) Calculating Fractions (#2)  (html)
Repeating Decimals (#1)  (html) Repeating Decimals (#2)  (html)
Adding Finite Geometric Sequence  (html) Changing Base b to Base 10  (html)
Changing Base 10 to Base b  (html) Changing Base 2 to Base 4  (html)
Changing Base 2 to Base 8  (html) Changing Base 3 to Base 9  (html)
Adding 2 Bases Together  (html) Finding The Next Term Of A Sequence  (html)
Cube Roots  (html) Multiplying By 9 (#1)  (html)
Multiplying By 9 (#2)  (html) Multiplying By 8  (html)
Polynomials  (html) Positive Integral Divisors  (html)
Sum Of Positive Integral Divisors  (html) Relatively Prime  (html)
Triangular Numbers  (html) Finding Remainders  (html)
Dividing By 40  (html) Dividing By 25 (html)
Dividing By 9  (html) Approximating Square Roots  (html)
Approximating Cube Roots  (html) Approximating Multiplying 2 Numbers  (html)
Approximating Dividing By Specific Numbers  (html) Approximating Multiplying 3 Numbers  (html)
Approximating Multiplying By Specific Numbers  (html) Approximating Higher Powers  (html)
Factorials  (html) Squares/Rectangles  (html)
Circles  (html) Triangles  (html)
Parallelograms  (html) Trapezoids  (html)
Cubes  (html) Spheres  (html)
Rectangular Solids  (html) Cylinders  (html)
Multiply 2 Nums One's Add To 5  (html) Multiply 2 Nums With Same Ten's  (html)
Multiply 1 Num Above And Below 100  (html)
For The High School Aged Students (Advanced Level)
Adding 2 Squared Numbers  (html) Multiplying By 286  (html)
Multiplying By 429  (html) Multiplying By 572  (html)
Multiplying By 715  (html) Multiplying By 858  (html)
Multiplying By 3367  (html) Multiplying By 14443  (html)
Multiplying By 101101  (html) Multiplying By 142857  (html)
Changing Base b to Base 10 Fraction/Decimal  (html) Changing Base 10 to Base b Fraction/Decimal  (html)
Multiplying 2 Bases  (html) Adding Sequences In The Form: 12+22+...+n2  (html)
Adding Sequences In The Form: 13+23+...+n3  (html) Adding A Sequence In The Form: 1/a+1/a2+...+1/an (html)
Adding Sequences In The Form: a + a/b + a/b2 + ... (html) Finding The nth Term Of A Sequence  (html)
Pentagonal Numbers  (html) Hexagonal Numbers  (html)
Heptagonal Numbers  (html) Octagonal Numbers  (html)
Manipulating Polygonal Numbers  (html) Approximating en  (html)
Approximating pn  (html) Changing Probability To Odds  (html)
Permutations  (html) Combinations  (html)
Probability With Coins  (html) Probability With Dice  (html)
Probability With Cards  (html) Probability With Balls  (html)
Arranging Committees  (html) Arranging Objects  (html)
Words/Numbers  (html) Binomial Expansions  (html)
Basic Trig Memorizations  (html) Trig Definitions  (html)
Convert Radians -> Degrees  (html) Pythagorean Triples  (html)
Inscribed Circles  (html) Circumscribed Circles  (html)
Ellipses  (html) Determining Regions In A Plane  (html)
Distinct Diagonals Of A Polygon  (html) Interior/Exterior Angles Of A Polygon  (html)
Determining Values For Triangles  (html) Polyhedrons  (html)
Distance Between 2 Points  (html) Slope Of A Line Through 2 Points  (html)
Solving For 2 Variables  (html) Imaginary Numbers  (html)
Matrices  (html) Compound Functions  (html)
Inverse Functions  (html) Parabolas  (html)
Modular Math  (html) Vectors  (html)
Polar And Rectangular Coordinates  (html) Asymptotes  (html)
Limits  (html) Logs  (html)
Derivatives  (html) Integrals  (html)
Maximum/Minimum Values  (html) Repeating Decimals #3  (html)
Add 3 Fractions #3  (html) Adding Consecutive Squares  (html)
Squaring 101a, 102a, 103a  (html) Adding: a2 + b2 - (a-b)2  (html)
Finding Remainder In Bases  (html) Adding: 13 - 23 + 33 - ...+ n3  (html)
Adding A Sequence In The Form: 1/a-1/a2-...-1/an (html) Adding: n(n!) + (n-1)(n-1)! +...+ 1(1!)  (html)
Dividing Factorial #1  (html) Dividing Factorial #2  (html)
Solving: a2 - b2 = a3  (html) Approximating Radians To Degrees  (html)

*Note: More will be added on a continual basis (especially for the Advanced Level).  If there is a particular trick or method you want to know about, email me at, and I will get it up ASAP!